Instructions to export the Oblicore database, this procedure is for support purposes only

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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These are the Instructions to export the Oblicore database, this procedure is for support purposes only, so please keep in mind that this export files will be import to one of the CA Support environments to replicate you case.



The ImpExp_Oblicore zip file ( please unzip it, on the Oracle server like the example:




Before you begin, you must Keep in mind that you can only export and then import from one system to another which are running the same version of Oblicore, have the same Oracle sort order and have the same Oracle character set. 


In order to execute a “regular Export” you must use a SYS user or other SYSDBA privileged user (a user that can shutdown the database).

The execution could shutdown the database if this is set it to a “restrict mode”, it drops the Oblicore user, recreates it as in the creation script (manually given privileges will not be saved) and imports the data to it.  


  • We recommend that you have a backup of the Oracle database in case of any problem that you could encounter.
  • In case of an error message, Stop here!!! Pack the logs created and send them to Oblicore Support. Continuing might corrupt the database.


Steps to start the Export process:

  1. Please enter the directory under where you left the Support Export scripts (Y:\ImpExp_Oblicore) and then enter the sub directory Export to run the batch file "OblicoreEXPORT.bat"
  2. You will be ask about the user to export the database, we will use OBLICORE user, and his password.
  3. All so you will be ask the of the Oracle service name "Oblicore" and confirm that the information is right

    Export Procedure step 1.bmp

  4. The Batch will ask after, if the EXPORT MODE: [A] RESTRICT MODE or [B] WITHOUT RESTRICT MODE

    Export Procedure step 2.bmp

  5. The next option will be the EXPORT TYPE: Verify what the Support representative ask you for.

    Export Procedure step 3.bmp

  6. Once this process will finish.

    Export Procedure step 4.bmp


Additional Information:

Now you will find under the EXPORT directory a ZIP file that has the information of the database,please put this in the case so personal of CA BSI can replicate the problem 


Please have in mind that this procedure will not have support if used for any thing for what it was created to replicate you case under CA Support environments.

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