Instructions to create Merchant data file and batch file upload to CA Directory Server(DS).

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When any Directory Server Merchants performs a transaction and if the Merchant Plug In(MPI) encounters the following error:

<errorCode>52</errorCode><errorMessage>Password Missing</errorMessage>


DS log will also report the following error:

<Not Connecting to ACS since the MErchant Verification failed>

Above error occurs due to invalid entry in the Merchant data file upload via batch file from Directory server

This document provides the guideline on how to create a valid Merchant Data file for Batch Upload via Directory Server.


This guideline is only applicable for Merchant Plug In (MPI) solution with no password authentication used by Directory Server. 

When the Merchant data file uploaded by Directory Server customers if it contains non-blank character(s) or trailing extra space in the Password field. Then the Directory Server (DS) managed by CA will report the error code: 52 - Password Verification error back to MPI for a response to Verify Enrollment Request (VEReq).

CA Transaction Manager Directory Server(DS)

The Directory Server customers for any batch file upload of Merchant Data that does not support Password authentication need to follow these guideline:

  1. Directory Server customer(s) receives Merchant data from MPI or Acquirer in format of Excel or CSV file
  2. Open the File in any Text Editor (e.g. Text Pad )
  3. Ensure the first line in the CSV file contains the following
    • merchant, update,,
    • If this a new Merchant data upload, then please replace <update> operation with <Add>
  4. Ensure the second line in the CSV file contains the following
    • Acquirer IIC,Merchant ID,Merchant Name,Password
  5. Using TextPad as editor, please verify if any line in the CSV file contains an extra space after comma at the end
    • Example of bad Merchant data ( with extra space )
    • 00000777771,920000003,TEST,
  6. If the any row of Merchant data in the CSV file shows an extra blank space at the end
  7.  Then please remove the extra blank space from that specific line using Text Editor (TextPad )
    • Sample edited line with no extra space after comma at the end.
      • Example of good Merchant data ( with no extra space )
      • 00000777771,920000003,TEST,
  8. You can also use <Fn> and <End> key in your PC to verify the cursor in each line stops at comma (,)
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 8 and ensure that there is no blank space in the password field. The password field should be left empty and last character in each line should end with only ONE comma as shown above.
  10. Save the CSV file using Text Editor
  11. Login to Directory Server Admin Console
  12. Select Batch file
  13. Upload the edited Batch file [ Upload-->Batch file]
  14. Verify if the batch file was uploaded correctly
    • Upload Reports-->Jobs Summary
    • Upload Reports--> Jobs Detail
  15. Directory Server customer and MPI can verify the merchant transactions and ensure that error code: 52 "Password missing" error are not observed for any VEReq request.
Additional Information:

This is work around that need to followed by Directory Server Administrator for the MPI error code: 52 or password missing error.

If the issue persists, please free to reach out to CA Support team.

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