Instructions for implementing IBM Health Checker with CA 7

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document provides instructions for implementing IBM Health Checker with CA 7.


  • Execute CAS9INIT with L2OPTS member including the HEALTHCHECK(nn) statement, where nn = number of minutes between IBM Health Checker checks for CA 7. Accepted values are 00-99 (Note: a value of 00 defines the IBM Health Checker environment for CA 7, but marks it inactive). The HEALTHCHECK statement in CAS9INIT requires module CAL2IHCK from the CA 7 CAILOAD.
  • IBM Health Checker started task (usually HZSPROC) must have access to the CA 7 CAILOAD library, either from the LINKLIST or by adding the LOADLIB to the IBM Health Checker proc's STEPLIB DD statement.
  • If unable to make the CA 7 LOADLIB available to HZSPROC with either of these methods, you can copy LOADLIB members CAL2HCXT, CAL2HCCK, and CAL2HCMT to either an existing LINLIST'ed library or the IBM Health Checker LOADLIB referenced in it's STEPLIB DD. CAL2JCL member AL2HCKCP can be altered and used to perform this copy if needed.
  • Information about IBM Health Checker check routines is most easily displayed via SDSF using the CK command or with CA SYSVIEW's HC command. It can also be displayed by issuing a z/OS Modify command, F HZSPROC,DISPLAY,CHECK(CA_7,*),DETAIL

Additional Information:

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA 7 if you have further questions.