Installing Windows Robots using ADE and Linux Hubs

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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To install to a windows system with ADE, ADE must be installed on a windows system.
the recommended solution is that ADE be installed on a windows hub that the robot reports to.
the ADE can be installed on a windows robot if the hub a linux.
to use ADE from USM the ADE must be on the hub the robot will be reporting to. If the target is a windows box then the hub must be a Windows HUB as well.
if ADE is installed on a windows robot you can use the xml file on the ADE server to deploy to windows servers.

See Documentation below:

There was a Product Support matrix that had the following in it.

On page 10 of the?UIM Compatibility Matrix?there is a note stating: ?The recommended method of deploying a robot remotely to Windows 2008 is from ADE running on a Windows system. When deploying from Linux to Windows 2008, a method that requires a Windows registry configuration change is documented but not officially supported. Environment requires deployment from Linux to Windows 2008, please contact CA Nimsoft Support for a KT document on this unsupported alternative.??
However, this is not accurate and this note is going to be removed from our documentation.