Installing DCD 3.0, should the UNZIPJCL job only be creating the one SAMPJCL Relfile?

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Last Modified Date : 06/11/2018
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In previous installations of the Data Content Discovery product the unpax process of the product DCD produced the UNZIPJCL
that would create all of the necessary product RELFILES for subsequent SMP/E installation. 
The current DCD 3.0 version's UNZIPJCL job only creates the .SAMPJCL library. 
Where are the other RELFILES?
DCD 3.0
The native install process for the DCD 3.0 version has been changed.  The UNZIPJCL job only creates the SAMPJCL PDS.
It is within the actual SMP/E install job FEY20RCB that the other product RELFILES (derived from the pathname specified in the SMPNTS DD) are copied.
The pathname in the FEY20RCB job should be where the FEY30B0 directory resides. The  FEY20RCB job copies the RELFILES to datasets
for subsequent processing by the FEY30APB  job that will APPLY the product, and  then the FEY40ACB job that ACCEPTs the base product
as well as deleting the RELFILE datasets.