Installing and utilizing applyptf on a UNIX server.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Here are the directions to installing and utilizing applyptf on any UNIX server:

Benefits of using applyptf:

  • Creates a history file that logs all Unicenter patches applied to your server.
  • Double checks that the new binaries, for the patch that you are applying, are newer then the binaries in your current environment.
  • Verifies that the Unicenter release, version, prerequisites and co-requisites are satisfied before applying the patch.

The latest applyptf can always be downloaded from:
At this time it's currently QO63169.TAR.Z.
Please move this patch into a temporary directory:
Example -> /tmp/patch

cd /tmp/patch
uncompress QO63169.TAR.Z
tar -xvf QO63169.TAR
mkdir /usr/tmp/applyptf
mv applyptf.cfg /usr/tmp/applyptf
mv applyptf.aix /usr/tmp/applyptf
(or the version of Unix your are running)
cd /usr/tmp/applyptf
mv applyptf.aix applyptf
chmod 755 *

Applyptf is now installed and if you want to install a patch, for example QO60426.TAR.Z, you would follow these procedures:

mv QO60426.TAR.Z /tmp/patch (for example)
uncompress QO60426.TAR.Z
tar -xvf QO60426.TAR
cd /usr/tmp/applyptf
unishutdown all
./applyptf -r /tmp/patch/QO60426.JCL (for example)

Note: Traditional patches (Workload, Event, Security), the install procedure will be done, but in regards to ENF there are other steps in which must be completed (Please consult the patches README for complete details).

To remove or backrev off of a patch, please use the following command:

./applyptf -b QO60426 -e <$CAIGLBL0000's path> (for example)

Tng 2.4 or 2.4.2 patches can be downloaded from:

Unicenter 3.x or r11.x patches can be downloaded from: