Installation of CAMAT V10 in a Sysplex environment

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A customer is installing Ca Mainframe Application Tuner in a Sysplex environment and is evaluating to Sysplex-ing it


What advantages are there to sysplex'ing  CA Mainframe Application Tuner ?


Sysplex CA Mainframe Application Tuner v10 or V11


One of the principal values of using the SYSPLEX is that you don’t need to know which LPAR a job or application will run in order to measure it.

If the measurement is defined during monitor definition with an * in the System parameter we will measure the targeted job on any LPAR where it runs as long as there is a MAT at the same release level, defined to the same SYSPLEX group, with Sysplex enabled and sharing the same GIF. 

Other then Ca MAT, PMA also supports Sysplex, so, in the rare event that an LPAR becomes disabled and workload is shifted from a failing LPAR to another LPAR, a pending MAT measurement will still be able to capture data about the targeted job. 

This possibility should be missing without SYSPLEX enabled.  

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see  Sysplex related parameters on