Install of CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 on Windows Server

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Last Modified Date : 06/11/2018
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We installed CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 Not able to start Web Viewer.
Tomcat was not running. Follow the install Guide. You need to install Tomcat as a service (autostart) on the Windows Server, and then configure it.
Additional Information:
On a Windows Server especially, you want to be be running Tomcat as a service, and one that starts automatically. You can test Tomcat viability by running the startup.bat script and it will bring Tomcat up, but it will come right down again as the user who ran the script logs off the server.  
. . So once Tomcat is running as a service and you've completed the configuration, there's one more thing you need to be sure you do. This is very important. Whatever UserID you specify as the administrator during the install and configuration... it must be that same user that signs into the Web Viewer for the first time to set up the users and repositories. It's also a very good idea to initially define a couple of other users as sysadmins in that initial session. This way should anything happen to the primary sysadmin, you'll have backups you can go to in order to continue maintaining the Web Viewer. 
. . At that point, when you've gotten the base install running and configured, you should update to a newer Build so you have all of the available maintenance applied from the start of your usage. I recommend you download Solution  85 CUMULATIVE BUILD 192 FOR WEB VIEWER 12.1: PTF so05854 from for this.