INSMAIN clist fails with qilpdctr rc=4

Document ID : KB000095928
Last Modified Date : 15/05/2018
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After successfully installing the r20 CA DB2 Tools on LPAR-1 and configuring the Tools on that LPAR, the subsequent propagation of the Tools to LPAR-2 (via a copy mechanism) encounters the failure 'qilpdctr rc=4' when invoking the Post-Install INSMAIN clist.
The cause of the qilpdctr rc=4 failure was due to the copy process changing the DSNTYPE for the CA DB2 Tools' runtime datasets from LIBRARY to PDS.
Redo the copying of the CA DB2 Tools' runtime platform datasets (as defined in the DSNAMExx parmlib member) to ensure the DSNTYPE remains LIBRARY for the propagated datasets.