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This document describes how to develop localization for JSFT reports and report filters (input control labels).

Localization for Jaspersoft reports and report filters (input controls)

We recommend you create your own report resource bundles based on the out-of-the-box report resource bundles.  The out-of-the-box report resource bundles are updated every release. These files are overwritten every time you apply a patch or upgrade Clarity and for this reason we recommend that you create your own bundle files.

The out-of-the-box report resource bundles are located in Advanced Reporting > CA PPM > Resources > Localization.
The Report Resource Bundle (id: is the base bundle in English. 

There is a report resource bundle for each supported language. For example, the report resource bundle for French is Report Resource Bundle (French) - id:

You should create a separate folder structure in Advanced Reporting to keep your files. Also, we recommend that you prefix your files with your initials, for example:
-  create a base bundle file in English as First copy the contents of the to your own file and then add your new labels to this file.  
-  create a French bundle file as First copy the contents of the and then add your new labels to this file. Note that is important to suffix files with the correct language code, in this case '_fr' for French. Another important note is that you should write spelling accents in French using the corresponding unicode character. You can find examples in the out-of-the-box report resource bundle.

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You can download the contents of the out-of-the-box report resource bundles from Jaspersoft Studio or you can also export them from Advanced Reporting:
  • Navigate to Advanced Reporting > CA PPM > Resources > Localization, find the resource bundle you want, 
  • Right click it and export it to a zip file. 
  • Extract the contents of the zip file. Expand the file structure until you find the file. This file contains the keys required for the out-of-the-box reports.
Additional Information:
How localization works in Jaspersoft
  • You should create your input controls and report labels using the $R expression, for example $R{ProjectKey}
  • A $R expression that you write in the report design triggers linguistic changes in the report output for different locales. 
  • Each $R expression refers to a name-value pair (your translations) in a resource bundle, for example ProjectKey=Project in the report resource bundle.
  • A resource bundle file is a text file that has a .properties extension. 
  • You create a resource bundle in Jaspersoft Studio or a text editor. 
  • It is important to set the base name of the resource bundle inside each custom report.
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  • It is also important to add the resource to the report definition in Advanced Reporting > Edit the report > Controls & Resources. Add the resource bundle as a Resource.
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When you open or execute a report, the report service will replace all $R expressions by the corresponding labels available in the base resource bundle associated to your custom reports. 
When you change the user language in Account Settings the report service will replace all $R expressions by the corresponding labels available in the resource bundle with the corresponding language code associated to your custom reports.

Other report or input control labels, such as Project Status, Employment Type, Period Type, etc., from common Clarity lookups are localized based on how the Data Warehouse was configured (Administration > System Options > Data Warehouse Options > Languages).