Infrastructure manager console don't show all the alarms for Probe spectrumgtw that are trigger on the UMP alarm console.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We're not able to see the spectrum alarms in Infrastructure Manager but we can see them in the UMP alarm console.

IM alarm from spectrumgtw.jpg

alarm UMP.jpg


UIM 8.51 with Spectrum integration

Infrastructure Manager populates the alarm window in two ways:

1) By creating a temporary queue on the hub and listening to in-bound alarms live.

2) By reading the database.db and transactionlog.db files in the NAS directory.

Temporary queue.jpg

When the alarm is generated in Spectrum the spectrumgtw will send the the alarm to the EMS probe rather than NAS. Infrastructure Manager will not be able to pull spectrumgtw alarm information after it leaves the temporary queue because it is not being stored in the database.db and transactionlog.db files. Once the Infrastructure Manager alarm console is refreshed, the alarm will disappear. 



This is expected behavior due to the limitations in Infrastructure Manager. Soon as Infrastructure Manager's alarm console updates the alarm will disappear.

UMP does not have this limitation as the UMP checks alarm's in both the NAS_ alarm tables and via callbacks to EMS.