Increasing the maximum number of output members for ADROUT.

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Last Modified Date : 07/09/2018
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 How can I increase the maximum number of outputs in ADROUT?




There are two ways you can increase the "maximum number of output members" in ADROUT

1. Change the directory name and the number of outputs...       
    recycle CICS                                                 
    run VLSUTIL format on ADROUT / SCPSUTIL INIT          
Note: Once you run the FORMAT/INIT, your old prints will no longer be available. My suggestion would be to print out any output that you still need.      

2.  Run SCPSUTIL  function  EXPANDDIR                                                 

 Note:  You will need to make sure that all activity is halted on ADROUT so recommendation is to close the file before you run EXPANDDIR.   
Additional Information:
Information on the EXPANDDIR procedure can be found here