Increase RAMIS database size limit

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Last Modified Date : 27/08/2018
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What is the RAMIS database size limit and how to increase the size for a database from the old limitation of 32,767 database blocks?
The maximum number of  RAMIS database blocks limitation was increased from 32,767 to 65,535 database blocks with CA Ramis Version 7.4 and PTFs LO85764 and LO85774.

For example, a 3390 disk device can hold 105 database blocks per cylinder and 7 blocks per track. The maximum number of 3390 cylinders is therefore 624 (65,520 database blocks) or 9362 tracks (65,534 database blocks) or 65,535 blocks.
NOTE: A RAMIS database allocation (combination of primary and secondary allocation) should never be allowed to exceed the maximum.

To enlarge an existing database into the new size past 32,767:
-  Run a RAMIS BACKUP against the existing database.
-  Allocate a larger database data set.
-  Run a RAMIS STARTUP n followed by a RAMIS RELOAD of the BACKUP into the larger allocated database. 

For example, a RAMIS database allocated with 400 3390 primary cylinders equates to 42,000 database blocks. The STARTUP n will cause RAMIS to format the 400 cylinders.

    DM0271:  Database formatted for  42000 BLOCKS 

RAMIS ? STAT BASESIZE reflects the current database size.

Additional Information:
Refer to CA Ramis Database Design 7.4 SP3 section "Appendix B. Current CA-Ramis Limits"