Incorrect 'wso.signon.method' in properties file

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Upon clicking any tab in WSO to initiate the login, one may receive the following error "java.lang.Exception: Incorrect 'wso.signon.method' in properties file":


This error occurs when the WSO Application cannot find the '' file. For example, the Websphere 'SystemErr.log' file contains the following after receiving the above error " [WSO] Properties file not found" Check the applications 'web.xml' file and verify that the variable entry 'WSOPropsFile' contains a fully qualified path to the applications properties file.

This is located at the very bottom of the 'web.xml file.
   <description>directory for the Webstation Option config</description>

The 'web.xml' file is located in the 'installed apps/WSOxxx' directory in Websphere and the 'webapps/WSOxxx' directory in Tomcat. After making a change to the 'web.xml' file it is recommended that the application be recycled within your Application Server. You should also note that the properties file has slightly changed in Release 7.1 so it is recommended to obtain the latest copy of the properties file from the provided WAR module and update accordingly.