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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Please contact CA MICS technical support if you plan to process z/VM 5.3 accounting data that includes special engine activity.

When running z/VM5.3 and defining virtual CPUs or special processors additional CP account 01 records may be written. There are fields in the additional accounting record that contain HEX 40's. CA MICS reads these fields using SAS informat PIB4 which results in a decimal value of 1077952576.


The CA MICS Analyzer for VM/CMS derives the following data elements from these fields and is stored in the VM User Resource Accounting (VMCCMU) file:

 CMUSIO   Non-Spooled SIO Instructions
 CMUSIOX  Successful Non-Spooled SIO Instructions
 CMUPUN   Cards Punched
 CMUPRT   Lines Printed
 CMUCRD   Cards Read
 CMUPAGW  Page Writes
 CMUPAGR  Page Reads

Data elements CMUPUN, CMUPRT, CMUCRD, CMUSIO, CMUSIOX are used in the accounting and chargeback routines for the VMC Resource Journal (ACTJCM) file. When any of these data elements contain 1077952576 and are used to calculate Processing Charges (CMUCOST) in the VMCCMU file and charges in the ACTJCM file, CMUCOST and the calculated charges are incorrect.