Including column CORRID(correlation ID) in the PDT BATCH UNLOAD utility of a Detector Datastore

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When running the PDT BATCH Unload job, the output file does not include the CORRID column. Why is that and how to fix it?


The ability to view CORRID was added by enhancement UDTF247. The reason CORRID is missing from the output of the PDTBATCH unload is because it was not collected.

The following STEPs are needed to have the CORRID collected as part of the Datastore.

1. Apply PTF UDTF247, if it is not already on and review the PTFHOLD data.

2a. In PDT indicate which Keys you want collected: Put 'K' for Keys on View Group Type

     11.05  >   ------ DETECTOR View/Modify Application Groups ----- 08/04/02 16:45 
     Command ==>                                                     Scroll ==> 
     View Group Type ==> K  (A=Application, R=Resource, X=EXclude, K=Keys)        
     Set Global Defs ==> _  Add Application Group ==> _                           
     Profile ID ==> COLLALL                                   Profile SSID ==> D81
     S -View/Modify Appl Group    D -Delete Appl Group   
     _  AMD2PLAN            MELRI01    08/07/07   10:29:03   MELRI01    08/07/07  
     _  CAR41               MELRI01    08/06/07   08:03:01   MELRI01    08/06/07  
     _  SAMPLE APPL GRP #1  CA         08/10/06   14:38:03   CA         08/10/06  

2b. On the next screen ENABLE the keys you want collected with a 'Y'

     R11.05 -------- View Collection Profile Additional Keys -------- 08/04/02 16:47 
     Command ==>                                                               
     Update Additional Keys ==> _  (Select to update additional keys)          
     Profile ID         ==> COLLALL         Profile SSID  ==> D81A  
     Collection enabled for the following connection types
     TSO         ==> Y   Batch       ==> Y   CICS        ==> Y  
     DL/I Batch  ==> Y   IMS         ==> Y   Distributed ==> Y   
     Collection enabled for the following additional keys  
     Connection Type ==> N   Connection Name ==> N   Correlation id ==> Y  <<<< 
     Location        ==> N   Userid          ==> Y 
     End User ID     ==> Y   End User TX     ==> Y   End User WS    ==> Y

3. Lastly, when you START the collection, specify VIEW BY KEYS 'Y' using the profile you just enabled the collection of KEYS on:

     R11.05 ----------- DETECTOR Start Collection Display ----------- 08/04/02  
     Command ==>           

DB2 SSID ==> D81A Specify collection options: Triggered SQL ==> Y (Y/N) Plan Excl/Incl List ==> N (Y/N) SQL collection options: Standard Activity ==> Y (Y/N) Dynamic SQL Stats ==> Y (Y/N) (Requires profile) View By Keys ==> Y (Y/N) (Requires profile) <<<<<<<<<<<

4. After accomplishing the steps above, the CORRID column will be included in the output report of the Batch Unload.