In Unicenter Asset Portfolio Manager, release 11.3.4, how do I to change the UAPM MDB 11.3.4 upgrade utility to use the correct server name? The server name edit box contains garbage characters.

Document ID : KB000025525
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management MDB 11.3.4 upgrade utility cannot be executed because an invalid server name (a nonsense string) appears in the server name login parameters box. The edit box is grayed out and cannot be changed.  How can I correct the server name? 


The uapm_mdb_11_3_4.exe (UAPM MDB 11.3.4 upgrade utility) was written to run on the same machine where the UAPM web client is installed.
It reads the registry to find the location of the web.config file to retrieve the database connection values.  If it runs on a machine where the web client is not installed, it displays the server name as 'asasaalbja03pc' (garbage characters). 

Follow these steps to resolve:

1.  Check the database parameters in the UAPM Configurator: 

     a.  Select Start, All Programs, CA, Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management, Configurator
     b.  Select each tab in turn and verify that the correct database type (SQL Server or Oracle) is selected
     c.  Verify the server name
     d.  Verify the database name  (usually mdb)
     e.  Verify the table owner is dbo (for SQL Server only)

2. Select "Update" on each page if changes are made, then Exit the Configurator and attempt to execute the UAPM MDB 11.3.4 Upgrade Utility again.

3. If the problem is still not resolved, continue with this workaround:  

     a.  Edit the 'CA.Common.Data.dll.config' file located in C:\Program Files\CA\Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management\Console and replace 'asasaalbja03pc'
          with the correct database server name.

     b.  Save the config file and run the utility again.

     The contents of 'CA.Common.Data.dll.config' is displayed below, with the server name value in bold.

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
       <!--Setting the type of Database-->
       <add key="DatabaseType" value="Sql" />
       <!--<add key ="DatabaseType" value ="Oracle"/>-->
       <!--Setting Login Information for DB-->
       <add key="UserID" value="uapmadmin" />
       <add key="Password" value="uapmadmin" />
       <!--Update HostName for Sql Connections and ServiceName for Oracle Connections-->
       <add key="HostName" value="asasaalbja03pc" />
       <add key="ServiceName" value="orcl" />
       <!--Only need for Sql-->
       <add key="DatabaseName" value="mdb" />
       <!--Enter Database Owner-->
       <add key="DatabaseOwner" value ="dbo" />
       <!--<add key="DatabaseOwner" value="mdbadmin"/>-->