In the NFA console Huawei device/s have a mismatch on ifIndex, ifName, ifDescription and ifAlias.

Document ID : KB000045435
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Issue -

In receiving flows from Huawei devices into NFA. And then looking in administration in the NFA console on the 'enable interfaces tab' you can see a mismatch for ifIndex, ifName, ifDescription and ifAlias.

Cause -

Is, that if you use Netstream version 9, then the ifIndexes are just normal ifIndex, not the 16 bit versions that come with Netstream version 5.

So the device still responds to queries for the netstream mib, IE CA NFA is mapping incorrectly now because the vendor MIB doesn’t need to be used in this case.

Environment -

NFA 9.3.3, you need to be at least using 9.3.3, before applying this workaround.

It does not matter which Huawei model, only that it is using Netstream v9.

Resolution -

So you need to configure the Huawei device to not respond to the snmp queries through the property MIB (nsindex). And configure the Huawei device to report 32bits index instead of 16 bits.

* Note, by default Huawei devices use 16 bits.

1/ config below...

ip netstream export version 9
ip netstream export index-switch 32

2/ Then restart the poller service on the harvester

3/ Then delete the Huawei devices from the NFA Console and let them discover back in with the new values.