In the MSP New Driver, custom views are not Saved

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Last Modified Date : 01/06/2018
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In the new MSP (Microsoft Project) Driver, custom views are not saved. When we change a project view and then save the project back to PPM and reopen the project in MSP, that view is lost. In the legacy version of the MSP connector, this did not happen.

CA PPM 14.x and above using the MSP new driver.

In the new driver, customized views are no longer saved in the MPP (Microsoft Project project) file. You can instead create any custom views (and the associated tables) and place them in the global.mpt file. 

Example on how to do that using the Gantt Chart view type:

1) In MSP, click on the Views tab

2) Modify the desired view

3) Click on the drop down for the View type you want to save the View to. (Example: Gantt Chart)

4) Select the 'Save View' option

5) Enter a name for the custom view and click OK. This saves the custom view in the global.mpt on the workstation. 

6) To access the view the next time you open the project from PPM, select the View drop down (In this case, 'Gantt Chart'), then select the new view you created under 'Custom'.

7) To make this view the default view that is launched when a project is opened in MSP:

  • In MSP go to File->Options->General
  • Select the preferred view (Example, 'Gantt Chart' from the 'Default view' drop down and click OK
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