In MSP 2010 and 14.2 MSP New Driver, Actual Work is increased on assignments with no ETC

Document ID : KB000046005
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In Microsoft Project (MSP) 2010 and the 14.2 MSP New Driver, actual work is added incorrectly for assignments with no ETC on a task. This happens regardless of whether other assignments on the task have actuals.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a new project in PPM

2. Add one resource to the project on the Team tab

3.Go to the Task tab and create a new task with a one day duration. 

4. Assign the resource added in step 2 to the task. Change the ETC for the assignment to 0

5. Export the project from PPM to MSP

6. Go to the View tab then select the Task Usage View. Add the column: Actual Work 

7. Observe the results for the user with no ETC 

Expected Result: Actual Work shows as 0

Actual Result: Actual work is added for the assignment with no ETC (In this example 8 hrs, because the task duration is 1 day)

Environment: This applies to the 14.2 New Driver using MSP2010 only 

Cause: This is caused by CLRT-80968


This issue is no longer reproducible as of CA PPM 14.3

Workarounds: Just one one of the below workarounds is needed to prevent the issue:

  1. Add ETC To the assignment
  2. Remove the assignment from the task
  3. Switch to the MSP Interface Legacy driver where this issue does not occur
  4. Upgrade to MSP2013 SP1

Additional information:

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