In IDMS Server r17.0, ODBC Administrator, System DSN, ?Create New Data Source? is missing the ?CA IDMS? driver.

Document ID : KB000056987
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When using IDMS Server r17.0, one of the IDMS Server functions is creating a new Data Source. Within CA/IDMS Server r17.0 32bit or 64bit/ODBC Administrator/System DSN “Add” a Data Source, the “Create New Data Source” panel; “CA IDMS” Driver is missing from the list of available drivers. This occurs when either the IDMS Server r17.0 has not been installed completely or something caused an invalid key in the Windows Registry branch.

See Image Missing IDMS Driver.png

 The “CA IDMS” driver is installed in this Windows Registry directory (REGEDIT):


 The Driver installation process is performed using standard ODBC API functions.

 See Image IDMS DRIVERS.png 

You can use the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs to uninstall CA IDMS Server r17.0 and then reinstall the CA IDMS Server r17.0.

Documentation on the Windows Registry is in the IDMS Server User Guide in Appendix A.

Information on how to uninstall and reinstall IDMS Server r17.0 is in Chapter 4 Installing the Client on Windows, Uninstalling Previous Releases.