In CEM when generating an SLA Report it shows message "Nothing found to display"

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In CEM when generating an SLA Report it shows message "Nothing found to display"

Changing the "Time Frame" from Today to Previous Week does show data.



The EM assigned to TIM Collection Service had not restarted due to socket connections being blocked by its java process after an incomplete shutdown 

In the Collector log: 

8/14/15 01:42:50.926 PM EST [ERROR] [main] [Manager.PostOfficeHub] Server failed to start listening for incoming default socket connections on port 6001 

In the MOM log:

8/14/15 02:20:00.537 PM EST [WARN] [Collector emtprd01-data@6001] [Manager.Cluster] Lost contact with the Introscope Enterprise Manager at emtprd01-data@6001

8/14/15 02:20:00.538 PM EST [DEBUG] [Collector emtprd01-data@6001] [Manager.Cluster] Creating default client socket factory. 

8/14/15 02:20:00.538 PM EST [DEBUG] [ClusterManager Async Executor] [Manager.JavaScriptCalculator] Removed Collector: emtprd01-data@6001 

8/14/15 02:20:00.549 PM EST [WARN] [Collector emtprd01-data@6001] [Manager.Cluster] Failed to re-connect to the Introscope Enterprise Manager at emtprd01-data@6001 (1) because: Connection refused 



a. These commands run from a Linux terminal session can be used to check for a running EM process 

ps -ef|grep Introscope_Enterprise_Manager : checks for running Introscope EM java processes

netstat -nap|grep 6001|grep -i LISTEN  : shows any listening port for 6001 and the PID/program name holding it

b. To resolve the problem:

Stop the EM using command "EM_HOME/bin/ stop". After the message "Enterprise Manager stopped" is received check no Introscope java process is running using one of the above commands. If yes then kill it with "kill -9 <Process_ID>"

Start the EM by "EM_HOME/bin/ start". 


Additional Information: 

When TIM Collection EM is down on the Tims the stats & defect files will start to back up in the "/etc/wily/tim/data/out/" directories.