In CA SYSVIEW with the DATACOM option, how can I determine the ACCESS status for a CA Datacom Database Area?

Document ID : KB000018196
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am able to determine a CA Datacom Database Area's ACCESS status via an SQL SELECT to the Datacom Dynamic System Table (DST) MUF_ACCESS_AREA which has columns including AREA, DBID, and TYPE_ACCESS. How can I obtain this information using a Datacom option command in CA SYSVIEW?


The CA SYSVIEW Datacom option command DCACAREA will list any DBIDs and their Areas when the status has Access set to OFF.

Here is a sample DCACAREA display in CA SYSVIEW after issuing ACCESS STATUS=OFF,DBID=001,USERS=FAIL,AREA=PMF:

 Cmd      MUFName  DBID Area Access UserSet Utility UtilName  
          LV114PX     1 PMF  OFF    OFF     WRITE