In CA Client Automation R14 they added a new Configuration Policy Section for scheduling the Software Delivery(SD) Agent to run a Jobcheck

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 CA Client Automation by default has the Scalability Server(SS) trigger an agent to run a SD Jobcheck when a SD job is available.

 Some environments don't allow the Scalability Server to talk to the agent, unless the agent talks first.



 How do I schedule the SDAgent to due periodic Jobchecks to look for Pending Software Delivery Jobs ?



 CA Client Automation R14                                       



 In CA Client Automation R14 there is a new Configuration Policy section under:

 Default Computer Policy\DSM\Common Components\CAF\Scheduler\Run the USD Agent

 It has the following options:


CAF Scheduler: command line    - The caf command which performs this job

CAF Scheduler: Days to exclude - The list of days which are excluded from the schedule. You can specify any combination of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

                                                     Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Names are separated by spaces.

CAF Scheduler: Hour                  - For daily schedules, this value is the hour at which the job runs. For hourly and minute schedules it is not used. 

CAF Scheduler: Hours to exclude - The list of hours which are excluded from the schedule. You can specify hours using the 24 hour clock.                                                                                             Hours are separated by spaces.

CAF Scheduler: Minute                - For daily and hourly jobs, this value is the minute past the hour at which the job runs. It is not used for minute jobs.

CAF Scheduler: Random minute  - If "random" is specified in the job type then a random number of minutes between 0 and this value is added to the specified job                                                         time. This allows a job to run at "fuzzy" regular intervals.

CAF Scheduler: Random now time- If "now" is specified in the type then this is the number of seconds within which the job runs.

CAF Scheduler: Repeat               - The time between repetitions of the job. This depends on the type - e.g. for a daily job, this is the number of days between jobs.

CAF Scheduler: Type of Job       -  Type of schedule interval. Possible values are: day, hour and minute. You can also add a number of optional qualifiers. Add                                                               "random"  to run the job with a random time added to the specified time, up to the value of randomminutes. Add random_hour to                                                      run at a random hour during the day. Add random_minute to run at a random minute during the hour. Add "now" to run the job                                                      within "randomnowtime" seconds. Multiple values are separated by spaces.

Plugin dependency                     - Name of plugin required by job




You can either update the Default Configuration Policy and then it will update all Agents


You can create a Custom Policy and only apply it to a Single Machine or Group.   



Additional Information:         

TEC493519 - How to create a Custom Configuration Policy