Importing and Exporting Service Images and Raw Traffic

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You can access the list of current virtual service images by going to View -> Virtual Services (in LISA 5.0), or System -> View Virtual Services (in 4.6).

This screen offers the ability to export service images, import service images, and export "raw traffic" files.

Figure 1

Exporting service images

To export a service image, select it and click the "Export" button and do not check the "Raw Traffic XML format".

Figure 2

By default, LISA will export the service image in a compact format. If the service image file is intended to be human readable, check the "Verbose XML format" box.

The service image is an XML file that begins with the tag "serviceImage".

Importing service images

You can also import service images from this panel by clicking the "Import" button. Note that you cannot import raw traffic from this panel. Attempting to import anything other than a valid service image will produce an error message.

Figure 3

Exporting raw traffic

To export a raw traffic file from this service image, select the service image, click the "Export" button, and check the "Raw Traffic XML format" box. Checking the "Verbose XML format" has no effect.

Figure 4

The service image is an XML file that begins with the tag "rawTraffic."

Importing raw traffic

Raw traffic can only be imported through the VSE Service Image recorder. Create a new VSM and choose "Virtual Service Image Recorder". Then enter the raw traffic file name or select it via the file browser.

Figure 5

Continue the recording process as normal, by selecting a transport protocol. When you begin the recording process, LISA will import the raw traffic into a new service image.