IMPORTANT NOTICE of PREREQ for customization on CA Service Catalog files

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Last Modified Date : 28/01/2019
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It is best practice to keep the original ootb files as they are.
So, first make a copy of the current file and then change the copy (and keep the original as is).
This is then how to proceed:
1. Stop the CA Service Catalog(SC) service
2. Copy 'any file according to the above list' 
from <USM_HOME_view_webapps_usm_path> and paste it 
into <file_store_custom_path> folder.

Where "<USM_HOME_view_webapps_usm_path>" stands for:
C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\view\webapps\usm
and "<file_store_custom_path>" stands for:
C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\filestore\custom

As an example, from the above list, for the LOGIN-UI:
Entry number 2: Text Brand and Product Name …\view\webapps\usm\locale\icusen\logon.xml <brand> <product_name>

Copy <USM_HOME_view_webapps_usm_path>\locale\icusen\logon.xml
C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\view\webapps\usm\locale\icusen\logon.xml
and paste it to 
C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\filestore\custom\locale\icusen\logon.xml

Should the above folder-tree(path) not exist, create it exactly as such then.
So, create sub-folder 'locale' under C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\filestore\custom
and create sub-folder 'icusen' under C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\filestore\custom\locale
showing folder path C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\filestore\custom\locale\icucen

3a. Browse into the C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\filestore\custom\locale\icucen folder
3b. Open the 'filestore' file: logon.xml (with notepad) and look for "<title>CA Service Catalog</title>"
3c. Edit&Save the file from within the filestore folder tree. The copy of the original.
Additional Information:
Depending on the type/file that has been changed:
Perform the below procedure to 'clear' the Service Catalog environment:
1 Stop the CA Service Catalog services(Accounting and Catalog).
2 Empty/clear the %USM_HOME%\view\translets folder.
3 (re)move the %USM_HOME%\logs\*.log files.
4 Clear the browser-cache.
5 Start the CA Service Catalog services(Accounting and Catalog).
> Especially, steps 2 and 4 are important.

This kind of customization is out of scope of Support.
This means that a possible future patch, might overrule an ootb file which you have customized.
So, AFTER a patch has been applied, you need to check the product's 'REPLACED' folder,
(created during the installation of a patch), whether your customized file has been included in that patch.
And then repeat to execute the copy/edit/save procedure from above.