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I would like to be able to import new data into my CA Agile Central Subscription. How can I accomplish this?


I would like to be able to import new data into my CA Agile Central Subscription. ?How can I accomplish this?


CA Agile Central Summary Pages
You can import data using the import option within CA Agile Central web pages. You can import data from other products into CA Agile Central using a comma separated value (CSV) formatted file. From each summary page in CA Agile Central, you can choose an Import option from the Actions drop-down to launch an import wizard.

The import dialog contains a link to download to data import templates which helps you format your CSV file correctly to ensure all your data is imported. Each work item has a specific data import template which provides a format for all fields contained within the work item. To successfully import a file, the column headers must match those present in the data import templates. CA Agile Central suggests you download the provided template to verify correct formatting each time before you import your file.

More information can be found at:?

Excel Add-In
This also provides a quick and easy way to import data into CA Agile Central subscription using exported .CSV files. The CA Agile Central Excel Add-In allows you to import specific artifact types (portfolio items, user stories, defects, etc), supplied via an Excel spreadsheet, into CA Agile Central. The Import to CA Agile Central feature displays a list of importable artifact types available for your CA Agile Central workspace.?

You can find more information including pre-requisite information, installation instructions and step-by-step usage instructions here:?

NOTE: CA Agile Central Excel Add-in cannot update the fields or statuses of existing work items.?

You can also find an useful demo video at the link below:?

Web services API
If you have the technical resources, you can create scripts using our Webservices API that can be used to import and update items in your CA Agile Central subscription. Our WSAPI supports most common languages such as C#, Ruby, Java, and several other platforms. The WSAPI documentation can be found below:?

Unfortunately custom coding is outside the scope of what we can provide as a support team though we do have online help documentation available through our wiki at? information and examples to help get you started.?

A great resource for asking question and receiving advice from the developer community is:?