Impact of Windows Update

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Last Modified Date : 30/05/2018
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We are planning to apply patches such as KB4074598 to the Windows server, but is there any report on the influence on CA Plex when Windows Update is done?
List of KB Article to be applied : KB4011023 KB4018354 KB4074598 KB4089344 KB4011234 KB4018355 KB4074603 KB4089453 KB4011665 KB4018357 KB4074736 KB4091756 KB4011673 KB4018359 KB4074836 KB4092946 KB4011674 KB4018362 KB4074851 KB4093108 KB4011675 KB4034044 KB4087398 KB4093110 KB4011692 KB4056564 KB4088776 KB4093112 KB4011695 KB4058165 KB4088785 KB4093114 KB4011709 KB4073011 KB4088787 KB4093115 KB4011714 KB4073079 KB4088827 KB4093118 KB4011720 KB4073080 KB4088875 KB4093119 KB4011721 KB4074587 KB4088876 KB4093122 KB4011727 KB4074588 KB4088877 KB4093123 KB4011730 KB4074589 KB4088879 KB4093227 KB4018291 KB4074590 KB4088880 KB4093257 KB4018309 KB4074593 KB4089175 KB4093478 KB4018339 KB4074594 KB4089187 KB4100480 KB4018347 KB4074597 KB4089229
The problem with Windows Update has not been reported at the moment.