Impact and Urgency fields on Service Desk tickets

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Understanding how the Impact and Urgency fields on Service Desk tickets are stored


What value is stored on the ticket for the Impact and Urgency fields


For the impact and Urgency fields on tickets, we store\save the 'enum' value from the respective reference tables.


bop_sinfo -dq cr | find "impact"                                                         bop_sinfo -dq cr | find "urg"

RESULT:                                                                                                RESULT: 
impact SREL -> imp.enum                                                                      urgency SREL -> urg.enum


However on the GUI we display the 'sym' field that corresponds to the enum value.

The below extracts for the Urgency and Impact tables. This should help with the mapping of what value will be displayed on the GUI based on the enum filed


pdm_extract -f "SELECT enum, sym FROM Urgency"

TABLE Urgency 
enum sym 
{ "0" ,"1-When Possible" } 
{ "1" ,"2-Soon" } 
{ "2" ,"3-Quickly" } 
{ "3" ,"4-Very Quickly" } 
{ "4" ,"5-Immediate" }


pdm_extract -f "SELECT enum, sym FROM Impact" 

TABLE Impact 
enum sym 
{ "0" ,"None" } 
{ "1" ,"5-One person" } 
{ "2" ,"4-Small Group" } 
{ "3" ,"3-Single Group" } 
{ "4" ,"2-Multiple Groups" } 
{ "5" ,"1-Entire organization" }