IMBED parameter in VISION:Sixty 12.0 installation job.

Document ID : KB000024273
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The SMPJOB01 member of the SMPCNTL installation PDS delivered with Vision:Sixty 12.0 allocates the SMP/E CSI.

If running CA's Workload Automation to perform a JCL Check, a severity 8 error may be generated regarding the IMBED parameter at the index level of the VSAM file allocation:

     DEFINE CLUSTER (                              -
                    NAME(xxxxxxxx.SIXTY120.CSI)    -
                    FREESPACE(10,5)               -
                    KEYS(24 0)                    -
                    RECORDSIZE(24 143)            -
                    SHAREOPTIONS(2 3)             -
                   )                              -
               DATA(                              -
                    NAME(xxxxxxxx.SIXTY120.CSI.DATA) -
                    CONTROLINTERVALSIZE(4096)     -
                    CYLINDERS(10 5)               -
                   )                              -
              INDEX(                              -
                    NAME(xxxxxxxx.SIXTY120.CSI.INDEX) -
                    CYLINDERS(2 2)                -
                    IMBED                         -

According to the IBM documentation, "IMBED|NOIMBED is no longer supported; if it is specified, it will be ignored and no message will be issued".

So, while errors only occur if running a JCL check, IMBED is obsolete and can safely be deleted.
We will amend future installation templates and apologize for any inconvenience.