IM Client shows alarms with unexpected nimids

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Last Modified Date : 07/05/2018
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When viewing alarms in the Infrastructure Manager Thick client you may occasionally see alarms with non standard nimids xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx.

Example 1 (Seeing alarms from EMS)
IM Client Sees EMS Alarms

Example 2 (Seeing alarms from the Spectrum Integration via EMS)
IM Client Sees Spectrum Alarms

While the IM Client loads its alarms directly from the nas probe, it also listens on the hub for alarm messages.

IM Client Listens on Hub for Alarm Messages

The EMS probe publishes nas-style lifecycle messages on the hub using subjects alarm_new, alarm_update, alarm_assign, and alarm_close subjects, including for all Spectrum alarms that are synced.
If the IM client is open when the EMS probe publishes the alarm messages it will then display the alarm in the alarm subconsole.
These messages from EMS are needed if using a Service Desk probe to generate incidents for alarms which also include ones from EMS.
In this case the alarms will show in the IM Client until refreshed or reopened.

Example of alarm_new messages from EMS
EMS - nas-style lifecycle messages


The nas-style lifecycle messages can be disabled only if you are not generating Service Desk tickets for the alarms generated through the EMS probe. To do so use Raw Configure to edit the EMS probe configuration and change the following key value to false

send_nas_compatible_alarm_lifecycle = false

Note: If the key does not exist you will need to create the key/value pair and restart the EMS probe.