Ifspeed not showing Correct Value in UMP page

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Last Modified Date : 15/03/2018
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The UMP is not showing the correct interface speed for a Barracuda Web Filter device.
How can we get the correct interface speed to appear in the UMP?
The device was reporting 10Mbps in its MIB.
Additional Information:
Sapwalk of the device: 

Sample command (please use "" as the start oid): 
sapwalk2.exe -i -v v2c -s -c public >> device.txt 

Open the sapwalk.txt and look for the values of ifSpeed and ifHighSpeed.

In this case, the MIB (as retrieved by the sapwalk tool) is stating the interface is 10Mbps. 
UIM uses ifSpeed or (prefers ifHighSpeed) if available: 

ifSpeed is in bits per second, so 10,000,000 or 10Mbps 
IF-MIB::ifSpeed.1 = Gauge32: 10000000 
IF-MIB::ifSpeed.2 = Gauge32: 10000000 
IF-MIB::ifSpeed.3 = Gauge32: 10000000 
IF-MIB::ifSpeed.4 = Gauge32: 10000000 
IF-MIB::ifSpeed.5 = Gauge32: 10000000 

IfHighSpeed is in Mpps, the device is reporting: 

IF-MIB::ifHighSpeed.1 = Gauge32: 10 
IF-MIB::ifHighSpeed.2 = Gauge32: 10 
IF-MIB::ifHighSpeed.3 = Gauge32: 10 
IF-MIB::ifHighSpeed.4 = Gauge32: 10 
IF-MIB::ifHighSpeed.5 = Gauge32: 10 

Here also the device is stating it is 10Mbps. 

This was from the file uploaded: "snmpwalk.txt". 

RFC on ifSpeed and ifHighSpeed: 

Check with the customer/network administrator and/or device vendor support.
UIM is using the speed that the device tells us/