If TRANON and TRANOFF are the same in CICS TS 4.2, they are causing the region to abend u716.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have been running with TRANON and TRANOFF set to the same transaction for years and through multiple releases of CICS. Now in CICS TS 4.2, the region will not start and abends with U1800 (x'706). The dump is showing an abend of U716 (x'2cc').

The following message may be seen in the CTS output.

BPXP018I THREAD nnnnnnnnnn, IN PROCESS yyyyyy, ENDED


, AND REASON CODE 00000000.

Why is this happening?


CICS TS 4.2 added pass phrase support. When that enhancement was done, new transaction CESL was added by IBM for the new signon attempt with a password phrase. A new ACF2 parameter to SIGNON was also added, TRANONL. With these changes, code was added to make TRANON, TRANOFF, and TRANONL mutually exclusive. This was done in ptf RO46083. Checking in the ptf will cause a U716 abend if any of these parameters have the same value.