CA PPM: If a process fails with message "BPM-0532: There are no assignees to send the action item to" process will not move any further after reassigning the action item and retrying the step

Document ID : KB000029141
Last Modified Date : 29/08/2018
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Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a custom subobject of Project object: "mysubproject"
Add an attribute "myresources" type lookup that use Lookup "All Resources Browse"

2. Create a Process "process_assigne" with Primary object "mysubproject"
Available for On-demand Start = yes

- Step: Start
Add a Manual action "action_done"
Action = Done
Action Item Message:
Enter Subject
For Assignees click on the binocular. Go to Resource Field. Select Object this mysubproject. Add field "myresources"

- Steps: Start -> Finish
- Go to Validation tab and click on Validate All and Activate

3. Create a new project or open an existing one

4. Create an instance of the subobject "mysubproject"
Enter name and ID
Do not enter "myresources"

5. Go to Process Tab -> Available Process. Start the process
=> Process Fails

6. Click on Messages

Warning -> Message = BPM-0534: No resources selected for attribute(s): mysubproject.myresources.

System Errors -> Message = BPM-0532: There are no assignees to send the action item to.

7. Go back to Properties tab of the instance - General page
Select a Value for "myresources"

8. Go back to Initiated Process Messages
Click on [Reassign]
Click on the binocular
Go to Resource Fields
Add field "myresources"
Click on Submit

9. Select the step Start and click on Retry

Expected Result:
Process should move and complete fine after assign is entered and step is retried.

Actual Result:
Process does not move after "reassign" and User Action = Pending Retry.


This is caused by CLRT-75811
This is not longer reproducible in 14.4