If a number of jobs are in 'Waiting for Resource' status, is it possible to hold some of them and run them later?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The hold (H) command from CSF will not work and gives error message 'ESP2819E JOB xxxxxxxx IS WAITING FOR RESOURCES, CANNOT BE HELD'.

The reset time (RT) command from CSF will not work and gives error message 'Request Invalid. Only the LATESTART or LATEEND time can be reset on a readied job'.

When a jobs predecessor/time dependencies have been satisfied it is readied. As part of the readying process several things take place:

If resources are not required, the Appl Manager builds a TDR (time-driven request) and queues it. The job is submitted to JES.

If resources are required, the Appl Manager builds a TDR but does NOT queue it. The Appl Manager calls the Resource Manager and passes it the TDR. Resource Manager gathers the job's resource request(s) and looks to see if they can be satisfied. If they can, resource entries are updated, the TDR is queued and the job is submitted to JES. If not, resource entries are added to the request queue and the job is placed on the waiting job queue until resources are satisfied.

By the time the Resource Manager is called, the TDR to submit the job has already been built and the Appl Manager has relinquished control.

One way around this is to follow the following steps. JOBA is the job in 'Waiting for Resources' status, and JOBB is the successor of JOBA. CSF command in ().

  1. Place JOBB on hold. (H)

  2. Complete JOBA. (C)

  3. Hold JOBA. (H)

  4. Resubmit JOBA. (R)

  5. Give JOBA an Earliest Submit Time in the future. (RT)

  6. Insert Link after JOBA, and before JOBB. (IJB or IJA)

  7. Release hold on JOBA. (A)

  8. Release hold on successor job. (A)

This Frequently Asked Question applies to all supported releases of ESP Workload Manager beginning with 5.3.