IEC036I 002-CC when transferring entire PDSE

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Last Modified Date : 21/11/2018
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Running a job with XCOM 12.0 to transfer an entire PDSE program object file to another LPAR, where the receiving file is also a PDSE but empty. Received IEC036I 002-CC in receiving LPAR for empty PDSE. PROGLIB=YES is used, and XCOMPRNT DD is present. 
XCOM r12.0
The IEC036I message is coming from IEBCOPY, which is used by XCOM to perform PDS/E transfers. 

Based on that, we need to validate that both sides are the types of PDSE that are expected. 

From what we can tell the target PDSE has a flag set in its directory that it has program objects, meaning it's a loadlib. If the PDSE is really empty, that means that it wasn't empty at one time. Once a PDSE loadlib bit gets set, by an IBM utility, it cannot be reset. 

My suggestion is to try the transfer again with a newly created PDSE on the target side.
Deleting and allocating a new PDSE on the target system resolved the problem.