IEBCOPY impact on ENDEVOR BACKOUT and COMPONENT collection, when this IBM Utility program is executed within a PROCESSOR, and some PDSMAN considerations.

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IBM Utility IEBCOPY, when used in Endevor processors, can have an impact on BACKOUT. It Is therefore that a 'C1G0103W PACKAGE BACKOUT DOES NOT SUPPORT THE IEBCOPY UTILITY PROGRAM' warning message is issued, when IEBCOPY is invoked as a processor program. It has been observed however, that the BACKOUT is in fact working under certain conditions. This paper discusses the backout considerations when copying loadmodules or program objects.


With PDS load modules, the Endevor Backout function depends on STOW intercepts.

Since IEBCOPY does not use STOW, Endevor issues the above warning message.

However, if CA-PDSMAN/FASTCOPY is used to front- or backend IEBCOPY, and STOW interest exists on a PDS output library, in particular by the presence of a $UPDATE, $LLA or $DYNBLDL rule or cross-system interest, STOW's will be issued, and the BACKOUT mechanism WILL work.
The warning message remains justified however, since we can't guarantee that all prerequisites are in place.

If the output library is a PDS/E, and a program object is being copied, IEBCOPY might invoke the BINDER, or use the access method IBM File and Attribute Management Services(FAMS), to write the output object. The BINDER uses STOW or PUT, which both will be detected by Endevor, and therefore BACKOUT is expected to work, regardless of the presence of PDSMAN/FASTCOPY.

If however, IEBCOPY is using FAMS to write to the PDS/E, Endevor will not be able to intercept, and therefore BACKOUT members, and COMPONENT LIST information will not be created or produced.
If in this case, CA-PDSMAN/FASTCOPY is used to front- or backend IEBCOPY, it will detect Endevor, and use the BINDER instead of FAMS, and the BACKOUT and COMPONENT LIST information will be written. Note that PDSMAN PTF QO96015 is a requirement for this.
In this case, the message 'FCO112I BINDER IS BEING USED FOR THIS OPERATION' will be issued, as opposed to 'FCO117I FAMS-2 IS BEING USED FOR THIS OPERATION'.

The following IEBCOPY/processor tests executed on a z/OS 1.8 system, PDSMAN Release 7.6, Endevor Release 7.0, might serve as an illustration:

PDS/ENo NoYesYesNo

Table 1
It should be noted that IEBCOPY is an IBM Utility, and changes across z/OS Releases can not be ruled out.

Other considerations:

  • With PDS/e and IEBCOPY in a processor, the *LOADMOD footprint will be lost.
  • With PDS and IEBCOPY in a processor, Component collection will not work.

The recommendation remains therefore to use BSTCOPY (1).

See also TEC1177035 - New Utility to convert from PDS to PDSe.

  1. Extended Processors Guide
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