IDMSDBAN error 598516 can be resolved explicitly, after upgrade.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After upgrading to a new release of CA IDMS, executing IDMSDBAN can produce the message 598516. Technote RI11168 indicates that these errors cause no run-time problem and that they will be resolved the next time a journal or table definition is updated in the catalog. This document identifies steps to explicitly resolve these messages before then, if that is desired.




The error 598516 is discussed in technote RI11168. The technote indicates that the errors do not cause any problem at run-time. However, if you wish to resolve the errors you will need to alter either the journal or table definitions in the catalog or both. You can alter the journal entries as follows:


  1. Run a BCF job to:




  1. Take the punched output and use as SYSIPT to another IDMSBCF job;
  2. Then run the DBAN again.

It is possible this will resolve all of the DC598516 messages from DBAN. If it does not, another alternative to altering the journal entries is described in technical documentation TEC571266. If neither of these approaches resolves the problem, then you will have to do a similar sequence for a table definition that is *not* associated with the SYSTEM schema. Because of internal security, it is not possible to issue an ALTER on any table defined with the SYSTEM schema.

A DB002028 error will result if the steps below are attempted against a table belonging to the SYSTEM schema. However, if you find another table that is not associated with the SYSTEM schema, you can do the following:

  1. DISPLAY TABLE <schema.table> AS SYN;
  2. In the result, your display command will remain, followed by an ADD TABLE. Overtype the Display command to turn it into a DROP TABLE, so that you have syntax to drop the table followed by the syntax to immediately re-add it.
  3. The above will only work on a table with no constraints connecting it to other tables, and will only work on an SQL table (not an SQL view of a relational record).

As an alternative, you could also simply add a new table, then drop it, which should also correct any remaining problem if the steps with the journals do not rectify the DC598516 errors.


Additional Information


Technical note RI11168 describes the situation in which DC598516 error messages can be issued by IDMSDBAN when run against a catalog area, as well as how they may be resolved through normal processing.


Knowledge document TEC571266 describes a second manner in which the journal records may be alter3ed to resolve this problem, as an alternative to the above.