IDMS CV startup abends with 'DC200006 Area Already in use--Not Available'

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A previous IDMS CV was shutdown normally. A subsequent CV startup indicates that warmstart was bypassed:

    DC202004 WARMSTART bypassed - IDMS Inactive 

Then the following message is issued for many or all areas indicating that they are already in use:

    DC200006 <Area-name> Already in use--Not Available 



When IDMS opens an area for update, it places a lock in the area. The area update lock indicator is contained in the first page of the area. The DC200006 error message indicates that this area lock indicator is on.

The most common causes of this error are:

  1. The area is shared with other CVs and has already been opened for update by another CV. Only one CV can have the area in update mode unless the CV belongs to a Data Sharing Group (DSG) and the area has been enabled for data sharing. A CV becomes a member of a DSG when the DSGROUP and DCNAME parameters are specified in the SYSIDMS parameter file at startup. 

  2. Many sites run IDMSDBAN after shutdown to test the integrity of the database. By default it runs with the LOCKED parameter to lock the areas before processing (you can explicitly specify LOCKED). If IDMSDBAN abends abnormally then all areas that were been processed will remain locked. 

  3. A local mode batch update job was run against the database while the CV was down and it terminated abnormally. This will leave locked all areas that were being processed. If this is the case then you will have to recover the areas that were updated by the local mode batch job. Normally this is done by restoring from a backup. 

  4. Restoring database files (maybe in a DR site or a backup LPAR) which were being updated while they were backed up. This will leave the area lock indicator on. In this case you may have to run the IDMSDBAN utility to determine if there are any integrity problems in the database. Otherwise you will need to take another backup while the area is not being updated.

If you are unable to ascertain the cause then the first course of action is to run the IDMSDBAN utility to determine if there are any integrity problems in the database.



To recover from this situation and to be able to start up the CV again run IDMSBCF with the UNLOCK utility statement to unlock all the areas. You can unlock a single area:

    UNLOCK AREA segment-name.area-name; 

Or you can unlock a whole segment:
UNLOCK SEGMENT segment-name;


Additional Information:

IDMS Utilities  sections IDMSDBAN and UNLOCK.

System Operations Guide, section Data Sharing.