IdentityMinder Exception assigning role "System Manager" to user (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 197232)

Document ID : KB000054874
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We user WebLogic 8.1 SP3, Policy Server 5.5 SP3.

When creating an IM Environment, we have these errors.

Configuring the system administrator "uid=SuperAdmin,ou=People,ou=Employee,ou=NeteAuto,dc=example,dc=com"...
Searching for the user
Binding the role "System Manager" to the root organization...
Assigning the role "System Manager" to the system admin "[SuperAdmin] uid=SuperAdmin,ou=People,ou=Employee,ou=NeteAuto,dc=example,dc=com"...

An error occured while configuring IdentityMinder. Reverting configured objects...


Error: Exception assigning role "System Manager" to user "[SuperAdmin] uid=SuperAdmin,ou=People,ou=Employee,ou=NeteAuto,dc=example,dc=com": [facility=0 severity=3 reason=0 status=8 message=Tunnel Agent failure]


Customer will move to a supported application server platform and revisit this case after the New Year'sWe've identityfied an incompadibility with CR13 of the policy server 5.5sp3 and IdentityMinder 5.6sp3. You can safely go to sp12 without problems.