Idea to Project Conversion by User with No rights to Convert an Idea

Document ID : KB000121462
Last Modified Date : 21/11/2018
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A custom Process which sends an Action Item (and corresponding email notification) whenever an Idea is converted to a Project was launched by a user that had no rights to convert an Idea to a Project:

The Idea in question was already Converted some time ago.  So no actual conversion occurred and no second project was create

This has resulted in a bit of panic for the business, whom would like a full investigation as to why this specific Action Item was triggered.  The user does not appear responsible, and no data appears to have been modified.
Any CA PPM environment that uses processes with start conditions.
The start condition was something like this:

Idea_Status = "Converted" and this idea belongs to a particular OBS.

Because the process does not have an additional clause that will prevent the process from launching unless there is a change, once the idea is converted, the status will remain "Converted".  So anytime a change is made to the idea the conditions will still be met, so the process will launch again.  Since the idea was already converted, no additional project was created.  But the action item was still sent because the process was launched.
Change the Start condition to something like:

Idea_Status = "Converted" AND Idea_Status_Previous_Value != "Converted" AND this idea belongs to the particular OBS required.

This condition will allow the process to be launched only if the status is changed from something else to "Converted".