iDash idaverage Java Errors

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Last Modified Date : 11/10/2018
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Sporadic java errors when running idaverage.
Error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:GC overhead limit exceeded
Java version:1.8.0_152

Product - iDash 12.x
Platform - Linux
Consider increasing the memory settings on the iDash server to -Xms 8000m -Xmx 24000m.

It is also not recommended to manually run idaverage or idjobid commands manually.
The product does this automatically as of 12.0.1.
iDash does not use the idaverage or idjobid CLI commands to run the automated computation. 
Here are the messages in the info log that one can look for to confirm iDash is running the commands automatically: 

idashdb-schd-avg-update-thread-1: start to update average runtime for all instances 
idashdb-schd-avg-update-thread-1: start to update average runtime with auto import for instance: D01 
idash-avg-mgr-thread-1: AverageRuntimeMgr reload finished: 144372:91937ms 

Search for the “avg” – the average runtime relevant threads should be visible in the info log files. 

For automated jobid computation, the info log files will have these messages: 

Start synch job ID records for instance… 
Successfully synched <jobcount> job ID records for instance…