IDAEPLTP17F and RC=05-01 at CICS IDEAL IN-CORE Module build

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Last Modified Date : 14/09/2018
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During CICS Startup, the PLT processing will first connect to the CA Datacom MUF to establish the CA Datacom CICS Services environment. In this process, any databases that are not listed in the AUTO= or DEFER= lists of the DBCVTPR module will be opened. DEFER-defined databases will only be opened when an explicit DBOC OPEN=### command is issued, and AUTO-defined databases will be opened when the first request is received in the CICS region.

Following the CA Datacom CICS Services processing, if CA Ideal is installed in this CICS region, the PLT process will build an in-core table of CA Ideal modules. In order to do this, the PLT program needs to access the Datadictionary, which is typically DB 2, so this database needs to be open.

If the Datadictionary is not open, the PLT process will produce error messages:
If the CICS region produces the IDAEPLT* error messages at startup, it is likely that the Datadictionary database was not opened, and it must be manually opened.

Every company has their method for defining and scheduling databases to open in the CICS region. A common philosophy is to have CA Datacom system databases, like the Datadictionary, for example, opened during PLT processing by not including them in the AUTO= and DEFER= lists. If the Datadictionary database is opened during the PLT processing for CA Datacom CICS Services, then the CA Ideal PLT processing should run without error.

If the Datadictionary is not opened, and these errors are received, issue the DBOC OPEN=### transaction to open the Datadictionary, and then the next CA Ideal RUN command processed will cause the in-core module table to be built. Alternatively, the IDPI transaction, if defined, will also cause the table to be built.
Additional Information:
For more information about the DBCVTPR definition of AUTO= and DEFER= databases, please see the following:
CA Datacom Tools 15.1, in the section, Customizing CA Datacom CICS ServicesSpecifying Generation Options (DBCVTPR)
CA Datacom Tools 15.0, in the section, Customizing CA Datacom CICS ServicesSpecifying Generation Options (DBCVTPR)
System Reference Guide, CA Datacom CICS Services version 14.02, in the section Specifying Generation Options (DBCVTPR) > CA Datacom CICS Services Generation Options (DBCVTPR) (Refer to options AUTOn= and DEFERn=)

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.