iConsole cache timeouts

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Last Modified Date : 11/07/2018
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We are getting cache timeout issues on iConsole, how can we resolve them?
Commonly restating the IIS service on your iConsole will resolve this issue. if it does not then reboot your iConsole server and RDM (Remote Data Manager) as well.

If that does not work you may need to implement the following changes.

Reduce number of events per search. 
1. Basic Filters 
From the edit option of a search it can be used to control the number of events being fetched for a search. (What is the max events that need to be searched for) 

Reg Changes. 
2. MaximumResultSetSize 
Default is 1000, it is best not go past the default, recommend lowering this value based on individual search use. (Are searches using 1000?) 

3. SearchResultsCachePeriodMinutes 
Decreasing this value will help re-claim unused data sooner than later. Since the timer to delete results, resets when the user browses to a different results page or selects an individual event, the results can be retained for the next "SearchResultsCachePeriodMinutes" time duration. This defaults to 40 minutes and can be set to lower to  20 minutes or less (reg value 20). 

4. EventCachePeriodMinutes 
When an Event is viewed, all the details of the event along with its blob are retrieved and stored in cache. This is to enable faster viewing of the same event in future, but ends up using resources. 
This setting should be adjusted based on the reviewer's behavior. If an already viewed event does not need revisiting, it is recommended to decrease the value. This can be set as low as 1 minute (reg value 1). 

Note: Reset IIS service, for the changes to apply. 

Also it is recommended by Microsoft to set the following registry key and monitor the performance, 
For .NET v2.0 set a DWORD registry value @ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ASP.NET\2.0.50727.0\MaxConcurrentRequestsPerCPU = 5000. 


Restart the server machines after making the above changes.