iConsole audit options are not respecting the settings

Document ID : KB000074713
Last Modified Date : 23/03/2018
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In iConsole, audit options are not being correctly displayed.  When a reviewer navigates to the Issues tab in Audit options and changes the options in Audit Status and Action fields, the corresponding options are not displayed in the Resolution field when configured for fields 1,2 and 3. 

Example steps to reproduce this issue.

Configure the audit status Options as follows: 
"Audit Status" Option"Action" Options"Resolution" Options
Reviewed - Quality Assurance
Alert under QA reviewAwaiting  QA Resolution
QA Review Completed
Error - Decisioning
Error - Statusing
ReviewedNo Action RequiredNon-Issue
Set Audit Options > issues tab > Default Value for fields 1, 2 and 3 as follows: 

Field 1 - Reviewed 
Field 2 - No Action Taken 
Field 3 - Non Issue 

1. Login as a Reviewer and execute a search, 
2. Create a new issue 
3. Select Reviewed > No Action Required and Resolution correctly gives just one option ‘Non Issue’ (Do not click OK) 
4. Change Audit Status to ‘Reviewed Quality Assurance, Action to ‘QA Review Completed’ and Resolution to anything. (Do not click OK) 
5. Change back to Reviewed > No Action Required then in Resolution Drop down you get options that should not be available to this action type. 
CA Data Protection 15.2
FIX:SO00862 (Web_15.20_HF0167, Web_Native_x64_15.20_HF0168) has been released to address this issue. This hotfix ensures that values that are loaded in the Resolution
field correspond to the Audit Status and Action fields.