IAM JCS Web Console - Login Failure

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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IAM JCS Console - Login Failure

When attempting to login to the IAM JCS Web Console with the Provisioning Server Administrator User (in this example it is etaadmin), a 'Login Failed error is encountered.

Figure 1

The Identity Minder 12.6 Bookshelf Documentation covering the IAM Connector Server installation indicates that the:


Specifies the Provisioning Server administrator.


Defines the Provisioning Manager administrator password.


You can log in to CA IAM CS though a web interface, using these ports:

  • HTTP port (default 20080)

  • HTTPS port (default 20443)

Sample URL: http://Host_Name:20080/main

The JCS_Daily log will show errors indicating a Bad Password:

2013-02-01 12:27:38,078 850993782 [15819920@qtp-20092541-44] (com.ca.jcs.security.login:com.ca.jcs.security.JCSLoginModule:166) INFO - Authentication failed: Bad credentials
2013-02-01 12:27:38,078 850993782 [15819920@qtp-20092541-44] (com.ca.jcs.jcs-management:com.ca.jcs.ui.server.security.LoginServiceImpl:308) INFO - Loginattempt failed for user: etaadmin. Error: Bad credentials


The JCS installation automatically adds the default User Name: 'admin'.
Using 'admin' as the User Name along with the Provisioning Manager Password will allow successful authentication to the IAM JCS Web Console.

Figure 2