The i5/OS server hostname has changed, what needs to be done for UUJMA to work?

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Last Modified Date : 23/05/2018
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Currently, we have CA UJMA 3.1 FOR OS/400 installed. I need to rename the OS/400 system name from 'A' to 'B', what I need to do for UJMA(after I have change the system name)?
CA Universal Job Management Agent (UJMA) 3.1 FOR OS/400
IBM i5/OS 6.x or 7.x
The following steps are required to update the CA UJMA configuration after the i5/OS hostname change.

1. Stop CA UJMA task with command: CAJMASTOP.
2. With WRKLNK command, navigate into the /uujma/ file system and look into every file/directory to change the hostname to new.
3. Update the /uujma/cci/ccirmtd.rc with the new hostname. You can update the file by running the OS/400 command, WRKLNK (Option 5 to navigate the IFS directories to and locate the file. Then use option 2 to invoke the OS/400 text editor).
4. Clear the UUJMA SYS and TMP libraries, by default this is: uujmasys and uujmatmp, with the i5/OS CLRLIB command.
5. When done, rebuild CA UJMA userspaces with:
6. Run command CAJMAGENT (or GO CAMAIN) to check if the new hostname appears on different menus.
7. Finally, start UJMA back with command below:

Note: Remember to update the i5/OS server's host table with the new hostname to avoid CA UJMA start up issues. Please refer to the following IBM Knowledge Center
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