I want to use DSEXBDE, the batch Extract program, to put reports back into Online Viewing but not all my archived reports are supposed to go to online Viewing.

Document ID : KB000030403
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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APAR RO81288 adds a new option 'X' to the DSEXBDE(L) Batch Extract Request utility.

Typically, when recovering archived reports back into online viewing, reprint option 'O' is used to build Extract requests for ALL archived reports that fall within the FROM/TO date range control and send the reports to online viewing.

The new option,"X" feature works in conjunction with option 'O' reprint requests and causes Dispatch to check the Report base definition records for the reports and only build extract requests for reports that have the online view flag set to Y.

Most clients archive all of the reports processed through Dispatch. However, they don't necessarily send all reports into online viewing. In a situation where you want to repopulate your online viewing environment but only with the reports from archive that are defined to go to online viewing, this new 'X' option will help. Clients will still use the "FROM/TO" dates to designate a range of reports to recover but with the addition of the new 'X' option, you can prevent archived reports from being reloaded back into online viewing that should not be there.