I want to be sure the packages are available on the Scalability Servers without sending them at every distribution. How can I achieve it?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How come the packages for Agents connected to remote Scalability Servers needs to be transferred from the Domain Manager to the Scalability Servers at every distribution if the package has not been previously staged on the Scalability Server's Library?



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The packages can be stored on the Library of Scalability Servers the first time a package is distributed to an Agent connected to that Scalability Server so the next deliveries will not need to transfer the package again to that Scalability Server.

It can be achieved setting the Job Option "Store Packages in the Scalability Server's Staging Library" when setting up a new delivery. When a new Job Container is created:

  1. Use the "Software packages to deploy with custom settings" to open the Setup Jobs window.
  2. Select the Jobs tab.
  3. On the Job Options tab select "Store Packages in the Scalability Server's Staging Library".
  4. In order to set this parameter permanent for future deployments click on "Set as Default" so this option will be active for further deployments.


Additional Information:   

There is an option in DSM Explorer  under Control Panel > Configuration > Software Job Management >  Job Handling :

Fail implicit deliveries to Scalability Servers       

Jobs via Scalability Servers will implicitly deliver software from the Manager if not present in the Scalability Server's Staging Library.

To maintain a better control of the deliveries in the network, you can turn off implicit deliveries.

If turned off, jobs will fail if the required software is not present in the Staging Library.                    

***If you try to send a Software Delivery job for a package is not Staged, you will get the following error

            Application is not allowed: Item is not available at Scalability Server <Scalability name> [SDM223615]   ***