I see a lot of .exe's in Windows Task Manager every time I start the service desk services. I would like to know what are the .exe's that are relevant to service desk.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Article below lists out the .exe's that are executed when the Service Desk service is started and the ones that run in the background.


All of the processes below are started by proctor at the request of the Service Desk daemon manager.

animator_nxd Manages asynchronous events
arcpur_srvr Archive/purge server - manages continuous rule-based archive and purge of business objects
boplgin User authentication
bpnotify_nxd Spawn processes on request
bpvirtdb_srvr Virtual database - dispatches database I/O requests to agents
dbmonitor_nxd Monitor database tables for external updates
domsrvr Object engine - manages business objects.
ldap_bpvritdb Communication with LDAP
license_nxd License manager
mdb_registration_nxd Mdb registration
pdm_d_mgr_nxd Daemon manager (managers all processes)
pdm_mail_nxd Send email notifications
pdm_maileater_nxd Process incoming email
pdm_proctor.nxd Proctor (starts and stops other processes as ordered by daemon manager)
pdm_rpc Remote procedure call - interface to web services in non-BOP applications
pdm_tomcat_nxd Tomcat controller (starts and stops tomcat)
pdm_ver_nxd Version control - propagate updates between servers
slump or sslump_nxd Controls inter-process communication
spel_srvr Method engine - executes procedures (application logic and triggers)
webdirector Load balance web sessions
webengine Manages web sessions
xxx_agent_nxd Database agent - native API to DBMS (xxx is "ingres", "orcl", or "sql")
xxx_prov_nxd Database provider (xxx is "ing", "sql", or "orc"). Spawns agents at request of bpvirtdb_srvr